Private Equity / Middle Market

Private Equity

Private equity firms move at light speed and operate with unparalleled rigor. Investment Partners and Operating Partners require nothing short of exceptional performance from CEOs and CFOs.

Middle Market

Middle Market companies lack the resources and human capital of larger enterprises.  As a result, CEOs and CFOs must lead in a hands-on manner without the benefit of large budgets, functional bosses, shared services, or sophisticated teams.

Compounding Demands

Any of the following would create a challenge for a typical C-suite leader. Investment-Grade Talent™ must be able to thrive among ALL of these realities:

  • Sophisticated and demanding investors
  • Active and highly-engaged governance
  • Extreme urgency dictated by finite hold-periods
  • Leveraged balance sheet
  • Parallel demands for organic growth and margin expansion
  • Integration of several acquisitions to realize synergies and multiple arbitrage
  • Finite people resources
  • Budgetary realities

Our skepticism about talent is exceeded only by our ambition to deliver winning outcomes for private equity firms and their Middle Market portfolio companies.

Investment-Grade Talent™

Few leaders are equipped to deliver against these compounding demands. Even most corporate “A-Players” lack the ability transform a middle market portfolio company. Therefore, we search for hands-on, Investment-Grade Leaders who have the intellect, drive, experience, and EQ to thrive in the Middle Market.

Best Practices Gained from Partnering with Top-Quartile Funds

Every search we lead is a high-stakes assignment with millions of dollars at stake in potential value creation. We are fortunate to work closely with some of private equity’s leading investors. Serving these professionals and firms has enabled us to learn from their great minds and experiences. Our approach and process is the collective result of the many lessons learned from working exclusively within the private equity-backed, Middle Market.


Our exclusive focus enables us to add more value than any other firm. Our insights on candidate DNA, fit, and projected performance are best-in-class.