Portfolio Company CEO Searches

Integis is 100% focused on the private equity-backed middle market.  We accept the mantle of responsibility that an investment’s MOIC will either rise or fall based on the quality of the CEO we attract.

We offer our private equity clients:

  1. Superior ability to assess and vet the CEO performance traits that predict success in a PE-backed, middle market deal
  2. Proven track record of quickly and accurately delivering on-target candidate slates
  3. Battle tested PE experience – our urgency and responsiveness moves at the pace of private equity

We execute CEO searches with a two-fold focus –

Deliver as much upside as possible while protecting against the costly downside of a CEO hiring mistake.

We understand the primary reasons for Private Equity CEO derailment, which are:

  • Inability to lead, build relationships, and fit with the organization’s cultural tolerances
  • A perceived strength becomes a weakness
  • A lack of bias for action, inability (or unwillingness) to execute quickly enough
  • Failure to upgrade or fully develop the management team
  • An inability to keep pace with the demands and urgency of private equity
  • Too hands-off

Driving MOIC for middle market, private equity firms is the basis for everything we do.  Any search firm can build a slate of candidates but only a few are positioned as performance advisors who can help funds make enlightened, high-impact hiring decisions.

Our CEO track record is verifiable and is easily referenced with our private equity clients.  Contact us to learn more.

We are experienced placing CEOs into a variety of portfolio company settings, including:

  • Founder replacement
  • Upgrade of an under-performing CEO
  • Pre-acquisition searches
  • Late-stage, hold-period upgrades
  • Growth
  • Turnaround
  • Roll-Up


We have placed CEOs across in a number of verticals with particularly deep credentials within the following:

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology/Software
  • Healthcare
  • Business Services
  • Consumer

Contact us to learn more.