Leading private equity firms face a talent dilemma:

  • Millions of investment dollars are at stake and executive derailment costs private equity investors real money – time and time again
  • Traditional retained search isn’t built to serve the rigor and urgency of private equity
  • Most candidates are NOT ideally suited for any one particular role

In short, your most important decision (port-co leadership) is supported by average resources (typical search firms) which are recruiting from a risky sea of executives.

How will you find, attract, select and vet the right portfolio company leader?

This dilemma is why we exist.

Private equity firms and their middle-market, portfolio companies rely on us to drive IRR and cash-on-cash returns by recruiting transformational CEOs and CFOs. That’s our mission, period. The stakes are high and so is the pressure to find the right leadership. We embrace this mandate and execute our Investment-Grade Search Process™ to deliver predictable results for private equity investors

If you are like most middle market funds then you have grown frustrated with search firms (too big, too slow, out of touch, poor communication, lack of insight, they don’t “get it”, etc.). We understand (and share) your deadly serious goals, intense ambitions and outrageously high-standards.

We work closely with our Board clients to understand a portfolio company’s investment thesis and translate it into a talent mandate. You’ll find us to be smart, focused, agile and insightful…but most of all, reliable as we deliver consistently great outcomes to help drive your IRR.